About Mir Peremen

International Scientific and Public Journal “Mir Peremen” (“The World of Transformations”)


R. S. Grinberg

International Council:

A. A. Akayev (Kyrgyzstan), S. D. Bodrunov (Russia), V. M. Geyets (Ukraine), M. S. Gorbachev (Russia), J. K. Galbraith (USA),            M. Zeman (Czech Republic), I. Iliescu (Romania), Gzh. V. Kolodko (Poland), A. E. Lebedev (Russia), A. Michnik (Poland),                  A. D. Nekipelov (Russia), P. G. Nikitenko (Belarus), K. Prunskiene (Lithuania), R. Skidelsky (Great Britain), O. Suleimenov (Kazakhstan), F. Tischendorf ( Federal Republic of Germany),        J. Carnogursky (Slovakia), L. Scharinger (Austria), G. Erler (Federal Republic of Germany).


Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Non-Profit Enterprise "Editorial Board of the Journal “Mir Peremen” (“The World of Transformations”)

The Journal was registered by the Ministry of Broadcasting and Mass Media
PI No. 77-15089 of April 14, 2003.

I.V. Novikova (Belarus)

Publishing Support Group:

S. Yu. Dayanova, V. F. Lopukhova, K. Rouz, A. K. Peskov,            A. G. Pylin, A. A. Dmitrienko (layout)

The Journal is published quarterly

Non-Profit Enterprise "Editorial Board of the Journal “Mir Peremen” (“The World of Transformations”)

Legal address: 117418, Moscow, Novocheremushkinskaya Street, 42a

Actual address: 117418, Moscow, Nakhimovsky Prospect, 32

Phone / Fax: +7 (499) 724-15-19

e-mail: redaktor.mp@gmail.com; mir-peremen@yandex.ru

website: www.mirperemen.netwww.imepi-eurasia.ru

TIN - Taxpayer Identification Number: 7727239362

Code of the Reason for Registration: 772701001

PSRN Primary State Registration Number: 1037727007163

Public Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations: 59880195

All-Russian Classifier of Administrative-Territorial Division Objects: 45293590000

All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities: 22.13

To Bank VTB Bank 24 Foreign Trade Bank (Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC))

BIC Bank Identification Code: 044525716

Correspondent Account: 30101810100000000716

Payment Account: 40703810917130007913

General Director - Alexeev Arkady Vasilievich

Chief Accountant - Shvartser Irina Anatolyevna

The International Scientific and Public Journal "Mir Peremen" (“The World of Transformations”) publishes scientific, informational materials, articles of debatable nature on the following issues:

- systemic transformations in post-socialist countries;
- patterns and features of economic and political development in Central and Eastern Europe and in the CIS ethnic and socio-psychological problems of modernization of society;
- cultural aspects of market reforms;
- assessment and comparative analysis of the investment climate;
- statistical and factual monitoring of changes;
- post-socialist world and international security;
- transforming countries in the processes of globalization and regionalization.

Besides, in addition, events occurring in the scientific community are highlighted as well as reviews of new books are published.